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Homepage Implementation Questionnaire

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The next section is a layered of images paired with a call to action or a secondary Tagline. These words should reflect and introduce your brand voice and clearly identify what you do.

If you don’t have a tagline on hand, try using this formula to create one:   A verb that describes what you do + an on-brand adjective + a noun identifying what you create.


Example: Crafting Beautiful Interiors


Alternatively, skip the verb and extrapolate more on the “what” instead of “how.”


On-brand adjective(s) + Noun + Preposition/Optional Verb + Noun that your ideal client will resonate with based on your business or their lifestyle

Example: Timeless Style for Modern Homes

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Because your footer appears on every page of the site, it's important to make sure it covers all the necessary info your site visitors and search engines need. Try to work in as many words as possible that might be searched to find your services, like your location, exact offerings, and signature style. If your ideal client was searching for your particular services online, what would they type in the box?

Pro Tip: Use the first sentence to explain what you do and where. In sentence two, lay out your specialties. Use the remaining sentences to expound on your process, team expertise, and unique style.

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