Ep 10: Strategic Growth as an Interior Designer With Shea McGee

This highly anticipated episode of The Interior Collective digs deep into Shea McGee's blueprints for strategic growth, practices for productivity, and insights on incorporating video within your marketing strategy.

Over the last eight years, we’ve watched Shea McGee grow her interior design business into a powerhouse lifestyle brand centered around approachability and beautiful living alongside her husband, Syd. Today’s episode of The Interior Collective digs deep into Shea’s strategic growth, her practices for productivity and insights to incorporating video into your marketing strategy as an interior designer. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Shea for years now as we’ve interviewed her on the blog, and today, I’m so excited to bring that conversation to the podcast.

In this episode, Shea and I discuss:

  • Dynamics of working with your partner

  • The transitions from design studio into a full lifestyle brand

  • How Shea and Syd learned to delegate to an ever-growing team

  • A day in the life of filming Dream Home Makeover