The Arlo Instagram Stories Template
  • The Arlo Instagram Stories Template

    Editorial and modern, the Arlo Story Templates feature a sort of collected minimalism inspired by some of our favorite interiors. With fine lines, strong fonts, and an expert use of negative space, the Arlo is an effortlessly refined component of an elevated online brand.


    Each story slide was crafted with designers in mind. We designed each one to be edited in the Canva app, so you won’t need a graphic designer or access to expensive programs. With 20 designs to choose from, these templates empower designers to keep their Instagram content cohesive and on-brand but never stale. This thoughtful curation of story slides is a seamless extension of The Arlo Website Template. Combine them for a refined client experience or mix-and-match with our other on-trend templates for interior designers.


    Every element is editable in Canva, a free online design editor. All images, colors, fonts, and backgrounds can be changed to match your unique branding. Simply double click layer, place design, and save.