The Elliot Instagram Stories Template
  • The Elliot Instagram Stories Template

    The Elliot Stories are a continuation of their sold-out sister site. This collection of Instagram Story graphics is classic and clean with a heavy dose of visual interest. What we love: the well-designed details and on-trend fonts.


    Each story slide was crafted with designers in mind. We designed each one to be edited in the Canva app, so you won’t need a graphic designer or access to expensive programs. With 15 designs to choose from, these templates empower designers to keep their Instagram content cohesive and on-brand but never stale. This thoughtful curation of story slides is a seamless extension of The sold out Elliot Website Template. Combine them for a refined client experience or mix-and-match with our other on-trend templates for interior designers.


    Every element is editable in Canva, a free online design editor. All images, colors, fonts, and backgrounds can be changed to match your unique branding. Simply double click layer, place design, and save.