The Leigh Bundle: Full Client Experience Templates
  • The Leigh Bundle: Full Client Experience Templates

    This three-part bundle includes The Leigh Investment Guide, Welcome Kit, and Goodbye Packet Templates for a totally seamless client experience. These comprehensive and fully-editable Canva templates are multiple page documents that walk clients through your entire interior design process on beautifully-designed pages. We recommend the use of all three, to ensure your clients get the same, cohesive, polished, custom experience from start to finish.


    The Leigh Client Process Bundle is a continuation of the brand experience created by our Leigh Website Template while being fully capable of standing alone in its own right. Like the web template, this document features creamy hues, pops of black, and countless perfectly-placed details. The Leigh is editorial, on-trend, and statement-making.


    Our Investment Guides include prompts to help you outline your personalized design process, while our Welcome Kit and Goodbye Packet have pre-written content you can simply tweak to fit your own needs. We designed these documents in Canva, a free online editing software, so they can be edited by any member of your team, no technical skills or expensive programs needed. This bundle includes:




    This fully-editable Canva template is a 17-page document outlining your most frequently asked questions, improving your potential client experience while saving you hours per week. Your Investment Guide is the perfect way to respond to new inquiries to educate them about your brand values, process, and their potential investment. Integrate your brand colors and style for a refined and thorough introduction to your interior design business. 


    To make the process even more effortless, we’ve included copywriting prompts for each section of our Investment Guides, providing a detailed explanation of what each page should consist of. For further details, check out our blog post here. To ensure multiple designers aren't sending out identical investment guides, we've carefully crafted copywriting prompts for this specific template. This document does not include pre-written copy.


    This Investment Guide Template for Interior Designers Includes:


    • Cover
    • Section Cover Pages
    • Introduction or Testimonial Page
    • Services + Packages Page
    • Design Process Outline Pages
    • Communication Guidelines Page
    • Payments Information Page
    • About Page
    • Thank You Page
    • Contact Page




    As a designer, you know that details are what makes a luxury space—your client experience is no different. We crafted our Welcome Guides to be an introduction to your clients that marks the beginning of your working relationship with transparency, polish, and warmth. This fully customizable Canva template is a 16-page document that sets expectations, answers frequently asked questions, and offers a point of reference for the process ahead. Our Welcome Guides are professionally-written, guiding your clients through pertinent information in a professional and thorough way. Canva makes editing effortless; simply switch out the fonts and color palette to make your Welcome Guide cohesive with the rest of your brand materials.


    This Welcome Guide Template for Interior Designers Includes:

    • Carefully-crafted copy waiting for your personalization
    • Cover Page
    • Table of Contents
    • Section Cover Pages
    • Meet the Team Pages
    • Billing Schedule Page
    • Payment Information Page
    • What to Expect Page
    • Frequently Asked Questions Page
    • Thank You Page
    • Contact Page





    This fully editable Canva template is an 11-page document that serves as a formal conclusion to your design project, including a love note with sincere well wishes, care guides for furnishings + finishes, and appropriate next steps. Each of our Goodbye Packets offer done-for-you copy that is polished, thorough, and easy to edit. To further personalize your guide, just add your brand fonts and colors.


    This Goodbye Packet Template for Interior Designers Includes:


    • Carefully-crafted copy waiting for your personalization 
    • Cover Page
    • Thank You Page
    • Section Cover Page
    • Product Warranty Use Pages
    • Product Care Instruction Pages
    • How To Work Together After Completion
    • Thank You + Contact Page


    Upon purchase, you will receive immediate access to a PDF download, linking you to the Canva template. Canva is a free online graphic design software.