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The Samuel Bundle: Full Client Experience Templates



The Samuel Bundle is designed to coordinate with The Samuel Website Template. With warm tones, bold imagery, and monospaced slab serif typography, The Samuel collection is unlike any design we’ve ever created.

This 5-part bundle provides a comprehensive, cohesive suite of products for each client touchpoint. These fully editable, multi-page templates are everything you need for a polished process, walking clients through your entire interior design journey from start to finish. As a bonus, you’ll also receive complimentary access to The Samuel Instagram Stories and Pinterest Graphics (a $150 value!).


The Samuel Bundle includes:

  • Samuel Investment Guide

  • Samuel Design Proposal

  • Samuel Welcome Guide

  • Samuel Design Presentation

  • Samuel Goodbye Packet

  • Samuel Instagram Stories

  • Samuel Pinterest Graphics

The Investment Guide includes prompts to share your personalized design process, while the Welcome Kit and Goodbye Packet feature professionally written copy you can simply tweak as necessary. The Design Proposal and Design Presentation provide a thoughtful framework, allowing you to quickly customize the documents for each individual project.