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Custom Branding


Custom Branding

Your brand is so much more than a logo. It’s the feeling people get when they interact with your business whether in-person or online. It’s the experience you build through every single interaction you have with a client. Imagine if every single one of those touchpoints was intentional, refined, and tailored. What if they authentically represented—even mirrored—the thoughtfully-designed characteristics of the spaces you create?

Your brand identity will include every piece to that puzzle–both for your visual identity and your brand voice. We cultivate these through a truly collaborative process; after all, no one knows the heart of your work like you do. It’s our job to help you define and distill your inherent vision and translate it into practical pieces of your business.

Within the visual identity system, you will receive a primary logo, a secondary logo, six alternative marks, a brand icon, a monogram, a favicon, a color palette, a pattern or texture, and typography selections. Within the brand voice copy suite, you will receive a tagline, a mission statement, a description of your brand tone, a voice style guide, a verbal lexicon, key words, and a variety of ready-to-use bios. Both your verbal and visual personas will include the tools necessary to maintain your brand moving forward — with guidelines on how to implement all of the items in your toolbox. 

This Is What We Do

From limited edition Wix Website Templates to Design Presentations to Client Process Document Bundles and Contracts, we offer beautiful, creative solutions for the interior design industry.


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