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Website Design


Website Design

When you’re ready to take your brand’s online home to the next level, IDCO Studio is here to design a fully custom experience for your business. When you commission a bespoke website, you automatically gain access to an entire team of in-house experts, including a Creative Director, a Project Art Director, two Senior Designers, and a Junior Designer dedicated to the visual development and impact​​​​—along with a team of additional specialists that execute on the other elements. Together, we will hone in on exactly what pages are required to fully express your brand’s story, taking a potential client from initial point of discovery to service inquiry. Once we have the framework in place, we will dig into what modules each individual page needs, strategically considering what goes above and below the fold, the length of the page, and more.

Then, your site comes to life. Building out a site parallels the home design process in a lot of ways. The next phase of work is where we add the pieces that make it yours. We thoughtfully layer portfolio images, curated fonts and colors, and subtle animations to create something that exemplifies your work and carries the same distinctive feel.

Memorable design isn’t limited to physical spaces. We’re constantly working to provide our clients with the kind of brand experience that transcends two dimensions. We interject interest and personality with bold typography, the artful use of lines, and textural components. Your industry is saturated and competitive, yet no one can do exactly what you do–and you deserve a website that reflects that.

This Is What We Do

From limited edition Wix Website Templates to Design Presentations to Client Process Document Bundles and Contracts, we offer beautiful, creative solutions for the interior design industry.


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