Modern, crisp, and minimal website template crafted exclusively for interior designers. The Mica leans into negative space, in the very best way. Customizable website template for interior designers with growing portfolios, The Mica is crafted strategically, to target your dream clients. Its easy-to-use navigation means they get the information they are looking for, in a beautiful, easily searchable interface. Showcase specific service packages and outline your design process to improve your client inquiries. Highlight past work through an interactive portfolio that focuses on your unique design solutions for each project. Link your client management portal from My Domo, Ivy, Dubsado or Studio Designer for easy access directly in the footer. Grow your email newsletter list with the integrated contact collection form. The Mica is truly the most versatile, scalable website template for interior designers looking to elevate their digital experience.

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Built-in branding - just update your business name

Fully customizable, simple user interface - no code required

Modern, minimal design

Multi-category affiliate shop - showcase your style without a huge portfolio


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Portfolio Landing 

Individual Portfolio




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Three weeks live tech support from our team via email 

Extensive interactive tutorial library

Step-by-step tutorials

Page-by-page copywriting guide

Google + Pinterest optimization guide

Continued tech support from Wix

Private Facebook Community


Every template in the IDCO Studio library is limited release. That means we will only sell 10 copies of any template, ever. Your work is unique, so your website should be, too. Never worry about everyone having your website design - we vow to keep quantities small and curated. The perfect website template for interior designers, this cost effective alternative to custom web design is a worthy investment.

Feeling overwhelmed? We get that. We're so excited to start offering template implementation. We'll send you a digital questionnaire to submit your website content + we'll upload it all for you! Everything from implementing your brand logo, color palette, uploading your portfolio of work and customizing your content form.

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Editorial, minimalistic and modern Instagram Story graphics to elevate your brand and add cohesive design to your Stories. Easy to use in Canva app, so you never have to hire a graphic designer to create beautiful Instagram stories. We created all 15 designs to perfectly coordinate with The Elliot website template, while also seamlessly blending with any of our other website templates for interior designers.


Implementing a new website is a big step, we want you to have all the info you need to make your decision.

Why is oil and salt not included?

Salt and oil are used according to taste and health preferences. There are various types of salt that everyone has a certain taste and preference for. There are multiple varieties, sources and brands of oil. There are comparable health benefits of each. Our recipes allow any oil to be substituted.

Though oil is provided when the recipe has a specific type of requirement, like in biryani and pizza.

You don't have customization according to family size. How do I place an order for a meal kit serving wise?

Our Meal kit is for the Serving size in multiples of 2.

The food that will be prepared with the portioned ingredients in the box for serving size 2 can easily feed a family of 2 adults and 1 child.

The box of 4 can easily serve 4 adults, or 3 adults and 2 children.

For the Italian Pizza Meal kit, we will have options to add an extra pizza in the box of 2.

Please note: Child - Aged 10 and below.

Why must I order before 11am for the same day delivery?

Each box is curated and crafted with utmost precision of pre portioned, freshly sourced ingredients.

To have the box delivered to you at such a short notice would mean that we would have to cut down on quality to achieve quantity.

The box needs some pre prepped ingredients so that our home chefs (You) can cut on the cooking time. We also want to ensure that the box reaches you well before you plan to begin cooking.

How can I order food for lunch?

Unfortunately morning delivery slots are not available for us as yet.

The box are delivered to you between 4pm to 6pm.

The ingredients and pre prepped foods are fresh and can easily be stored in the refrigerator to be used for lunch, the next day.

Why do you only provide few meal kit options per day?

We are working to ramp up our meal kit services to deliver all options in the menu everyday. Till then, we apologize for the inconvenience.

Why don't you deliver the food cooked? Why should I cook it?

Going by the nCovid scenario, we prefer to not order food from outside. Food cooked at home is safe and devoid of being touched by external hands.

The vegetable and proteins used in a cooked dish could be in any form. The Meal kit box gives you visual proof of fresh produce and proteins.

What is your delivery channel?

We use our delivery executives or local partners for delivery.

Currently we deliver only in Pune locality.

PCMC will be added to our delivery zone soon.

What are the payment options available?

You can pay online on the website using debit or credit card. You can also pay Cash on Delivery.

I have a party/get together/ guests, how do I order?

There are two ways in which this can be done

1. You can place multiple orders for the box of 2 or box of 4 as per your requirements

2. Contact us for bulk order needs

What are the utensils and equipments I need?

In the instructions we mention the appliances, pots and pans that have been used and tested and will give the best results.

Cooking is an art and you are free to use the equipment you have on hand and can best replace the pots used.

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