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Whether you’re just starting out and in need of an easy-to-use template or an industry veteran ready to commission a bespoke branding suite, we have a collection of offerings developed with you and your business in mind.

Creative Business Solutions for Interior Designers.

Ep 12: From Side-Gig to Opening Your Own Firm With Beth Diana Smith

Beth Diana Smith discusses her career transition from corporate finance to opening her own interior design firm.

Ep 11: Managing Your Interior Design Business with Anastasia Casey

We're walking you through who to hire first, what to outsource, what can be done remotely, and what’s needed in-person.

Ep 10: Strategic Growth as an Interior Designer With Shea McGee

Shea McGee shares her blueprints for strategic growth, practices for productivity, and why she believes in the power of delegation.

Ep 09: Creating Boutique Rental Revenue With Authenticity Featuring Blair Moore

Blair Moore of Moore House Design discusses diversifying your revenue streams as a designer with high-end short term rental properties.

Ep 08: Expanding from Designer to Lifestyle Brand with Lauren Liess

The line between interior designer and lifestyle influencer is a fine one. This episode of The Interior Collective welcomes Lauren Liess...

Ep 07: Pricing as an Interior Designer with Lindsey Borchard

Today’s conversation is all about pricing models as an interior designer with featured guest Lindsey Borchard.

Ep 06: Redefining Traditional Style with Gail Davis

Traditions aren’t universal, so traditional design shouldn’t be either. I'm chatting with renowned interior designer and fellow...

Ep 05: Landing Dream Clients with Jake Arnold

AD 100 Interior Designer and Co-Founder of The Expert, Jake Arnold walks us through his career journey on The Interior Collective podcast.

Ep 04: Client Service Quality as Your Team Grows with Clara Jung

Clara Jung of Banner Day Interiors shares what it takes to maintain the highest caliber of client service while scaling your business.

Ep 03: How to Get Published in Both Print + Digital with Kelli Lamb

Learn about the design publication process from editor Kelli Lamb so you can handle your own press, without the need for a publicist.

Ep 02: Perfecting Your Client Process with Anastasia Casey

From the initial inquiry to the final goodbye, I’m walking you through a seamless interior design client experience.

Ep 01: Growing Your Team to Manage Design + Procurement with Marie Flanigan

Interior designer, Marie Flanigan shares her firsthand experience of leading a growing team and establishing organization structures.

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