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We empower interior designers to enhance their client experience and increase their profitability through the power of great design.

Founded by Anastasia Casey in 2016, our diverse and ever-growing collaborative of industry experts help designers build a brand that reflects their style and values in a way that is deeply personal and unique to them. Most importantly, we believe in leading by example, by leveraging our platform to create an industry that embraces community and inclusivity.

Design school doesn't teach you to run an interior design business. We're here to help fill in the gaps.


"IDCO has been a game changer for my sanity and my business. I have nothing but the highest praise for their exceptional service and products. Their website templates are simply gorgeous and the hand-holding implementation process was seamless. I couldn't be happier with moving my website over to IDCO's hands, and am currently in the process of purchasing additional products to further simplify our business."


"My experience working with the IDCO team was nothing short of wonderful. They nailed every phase of my branding process and created a beautiful platform for my business. They were efficient, trustworthy, creative, timely and kind. I highly recommend this incredible team and plan to use them for all of my interior design business needs in the future!"


"I couldn't be happier with my investments with IDCO. From the client process bundle to the email templates and most recently, the client questionnaire, they've been a complete game changer. My client design process now feels complete and elevated.I feel so confident in my business now. It has simplified the process for me and I truly appreciate IDCO! Thank you, thank you!"


Someone else's success will never hinder yours.

I started this business because I was laid off. Now my priority is helping women find financial freedom in their creative careers. I believe you deserve to run your business in a way that provides you flexibility, stability, and integrity. 


Anastasia Casey quickly found her niche among interior designers, sharing that foundational belief that what makes a space memorable—whether tangible or digital—is not only how it looks, but how it feels. Working with some of the industry’s most innovative thinkers has given Anastasia an endless well of inspiration as she honed her strengths and expanded her dedicated team. 


Since 2016, Anastasia has served thousands of designers, assembled a team of creative experts, launched an online shop, fostered a thriving online community, founded an industry-first retreat, and cemented her reputation as a tastemaker and invaluable resource in the design world. 


Unsure which templates to invest in first? Not sure where to begin? We're here to help.


Your success is our #1 goal. Have a question? Looking for some tech support? Need a sounding board? Let's chat.

"I'm loving the website so much, it's so easy to use. You all have been wonderful. Thank you for your time and amazing work!"

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