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The IDCO team is dedicated to doing our part to close this opportunity gap, beginning by offering equal opportunities within our own team. Currently, our global team is 30% BIPOC, and we are strategically seeking out both full-time and contract employees that will add more diversity to our company culture. We also invest in future representation by donating 5% of our total monthly revenue to Black Girls Code, the non-profit that builds career pathways for young women of color by training them in science, tech, engineering, and math. I speak from first-hand experience when I say that technology can change your life. Inspired by my own path to financial independence, I sought out our commitment with Black Girls Code in December 2019 and it has been a constant source of motivation for all of us.

I wish I had learned to code in school instead of taking Latin! We truly believe that it is our responsibility and honor to be a resource for everyone in the design community, no exceptions. With that in mind, we have created two scholarship spots for Design Camp, our strategic business retreat for interior designers. We also offer support for minority-owned businesses seeking our services who might not be able to work with us at this moment. If you'd like more information about either of these opportunities, please fill out the contact form below, telling us a little bit about your brand and how we can help you.


If there’s anything additional we can do, please send us a note. We’re always learning, growing, and challenging ourselves to do and be better.

- Anastasia Casey

We know that pursuing your dreams–whether that be finding a career in technology, launching a coveted design firm, or something else entirely–is far from easy. Everyone experiences obstacles to success, but some of us truly have a head start. Throughout my time in this industry, I've been lucky to form some life-changing relationships with clients and team members that have taken the time to educate me about the barriers faced by women of color specifically.


Tell us a little bit about your brand and how we can help.

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