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How To Contact Us

Whether you’re a current client in need of a helping hand, are interested in a custom project, have an idea for a collaboration, or simply want to say hello, we would love to hear from you.

Customer Service + Tech Support

Collaborations + Public Relations


We're Hiring

IDCO Studio is an Austin-based, boutique creative agency of editors, designers, copywriters, and out-of-the-box thinkers. We create beautiful, functional digital spaces inspired by the thoughtfully curated interiors of the designers we have the honor of working with. We are dedicated to crafting brands that celebrate the beauty of everyday living, and that celebration begins here on our diverse, tight-knit team.


The quality of work our studio produces directly correlates with the quality of the talent that we employ. We are constantly learning, improving, and pivoting to keep up with a rapidly evolving industry and the latest technology. If you have a special skill you think would be an asset to our team, our inbox is always open.


The Full Suite

Our cohesive, five-part process bundles include an Investment Guide, Design Proposal, Welcome Kit, Design Presentation, and Goodbye Packet so you can walk your clients through your design process from start to finish. As a bonus, we’re giving you the corresponding Pinterest and Instagram templates to carry your new client experience through to your social channels.

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