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The Process

Purchase the Instagram Content Package

Complete Discovery Questionnaire

30 Minute Kick-off Call With Your Team

3 Week Turnaround Time

1 Month of Instagram Content Delivered at a Time

30 Minute Check in Call After 3 Months

Once your purchase is confirmed, you’ll complete a discovery  questionnaire to help us better understand your brand and create content tailored to your ideal client. Upon reviewing your completed questionnaire, we will schedule a 30-minute kick-off call to get to know you and your brand better. We will then spend the next three weeks crafting your content. Each month, you will receive your package of curated Instagram content.


To help you get the most out of your investment, we include a straightforward posting tutorial, templates, and a custom hashtag strategy. All you will have to do is schedule or post, engage, and watch your audience grow. After you receive your third month of content, you can opt into an additional call with our team to ensure that the content is exactly what you envisioned and collaborate on your next 3 months of content together.

$1,800 per month (defined as 4 weeks) for 6 months

10 Feed Posts

4 Story Series (totaling 10 individual slides)

2 Reels

30-minute Kick-Off Call

Optional 30-minute Check-in Call at 3 months

1 Posting Tutorial

Your Choice of Instagram Story templates from our shop*

*Or you can provide your own branded Canva templates

Instagram Content Package


Developed with boutique studios, solopreneurs, and new designers in mind, our Social Media Package creates a foundation of content that you can implement as-is or add to at your own pace. If your goal is to show up consistently on Instagram, this is a near-effortless way to begin to build and serve your community, while helping to convert inquiring clients.


When you purchase our Social Media Package, your content will be delivered in monthly installments, featuring four weeks of Grid Posts, Stories, and Reels created by our team of social media experts. These will include professionally written copy in your unique brand voice with keywords that optimize searchability, expert image curation, custom graphics, and strategic audio selections.

Once your purchase is confirmed, we will send over a questionnaire to collect information we will use to ensure that our content plan is aligned with your brand. We will then spend the next three weeks scheduling your content, and then we will start publishing your SEO rich Pins.

$500 per month (defined as 4 weeks) for 6 months

200 Scheduled Monthly Pins

Updated Board Titles and Descriptions

Quarterly Progress Report

*Must have a Tailwind Pinterest Plus account. Not included in this offer.

Pinterest Ad-On


Pinterest continues to prove itself as a leading traffic driver for shelter brands, yet it is frequently the most neglected media platform. We will schedule Pins from your portfolio of work or your offered products each month, combining strategic captions to optimize searchability with high-converting inspiration images for a fully dynamic feed. Before long, you’ll be saved on thousands of boards across the platform with your brand credited in the caption, and your signature aesthetic and name will garner invaluable brand recognition.


From the board titles to descriptions, keywords, and an intentional curation of images, we’ll put together a strategic content plan to attract the right clients to your studio and establish your reputation as a must-follow designer.

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