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Pre-Production Documents



As a designer, photography and videography is one of the most worthwhile–but still costly–investments you will make in the growth of your studio. We designed our Pre-Production Document Templates to help you extract as much value as possible for the hours you pay for, through the power of intentionality and organization. Informed by our own experience shooting interiors for Kwin and The Interior Collective, we crafted these templates with the tools we personally use with three different platform options: Google Sheets, Canva, and Canva Whiteboard. Each document houses both the practical details and shoot inspiration, with extensive lists so you have everything you need for marketing, brand collaborations, and social media. Moodboards, styling checklists, and an inventory of gear needed will help both your studio and photographer or videographer work with efficiency to achieve your vision within your paid hours. These branded, aesthetically-pleasing documents will create a content library that can be used and repurposed continually to stretch your dollar and maximize the impact of your work.