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After you purchase the newsletter package, you will complete a discovery questionnaire that allows us to gain valuable insights into your brand and target audience. Next, we will arrange a 30-minute kick-off call with our team to discuss your brand in more detail and set clear objectives. Our team will then dedicate three weeks to creating your tailored newsletter content. Each month, a test link for the upcoming newsletter will be sent to you 5 business days in advance for your approval. Once approved, we will schedule and send out your monthly newsletter.

$500 per month (defined as 4 weeks) for 6 months

30-minute Kick-Off Call

1 Scheduled Monthly Newsletter with Strategic Links

Optional 30-minute Check-in Call at 3 months

3 Customized Newsletter Templates

*Must have an email marketing platform such as Flodesk, Mailchimp, Wix, etc. Not included in this offer.

Monthly Newsletter


Newsletters are powerful tools for interior designers to engage with their audience, nurture leads, and convert prospects into clients beyond Instagram's limits. With a direct and personalized approach, we will showcase your expertise, share valuable content, and establish meaningful connections with your subscribers.


We understand the interior design industry’s unique demands and the importance of maintaining regular, high-quality communication with your audience. Our team is dedicated to creating newsletters that not only inform potential clients but allow them to dream, be inspired, and learn more about the process before they convert. Transform your communication strategy with email marketing that keeps your clients connected and excited about your work.

Looking For More?

If you are interested in a more bespoke package, work with our team at Kwin Made. We can customize a social media marketing plan that takes your business to a whole new level.

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