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Studio Designer: Our Favorite Software for Interior Designers

Running a small business requires efficiency, yet many creative business owners find the idea of integrating new software into their workflow daunting. At Design Camp, a strategic retreat for interior designers, software workflow is one of the most popular small group sessions. It's the topic that garners the most questions from designers, but when they leave, they feel fully confident in their ability to incorporate different software tools into their daily routines.

Today, we're offering a glimpse into what our campers experience. We've consulted experts across the interior design industry – and tested many ourselves – to narrow down the best software options that will save you time, reduce the need for additional staffing, and elevate your business. Time and time again, we've heard interior designers say they started on one platform, and ultimately, had to make the leap for a variety of reasons: scalability, accounting, and sheer volume.

Studio Designer has earned the top spot on our list for robust accounting capabilities, ease of reporting, and exceptional customer support. If you're an interior designer looking to make your first software investments, we recommend you start with the clear standout: Studio Designer.

Dining room in historic home with wood dining chairs and wallpaper

Design: Yond Interiors | Photography: Taylor Hall O'Brien

Studio Designer

Our top pick for software is Studio Designer. If there's one tool that can truly revolutionize your business, it's this one. Studio Designer is a comprehensive business management solution tailored specifically for interior designers. It offers everything you need in one place, seamlessly integrating accounting, project management, and product sourcing. With Studio Designer, you can effortlessly handle invoicing, digital project management, and product sourcing while maintaining meticulous accounting records. Designed to streamline processes and save you valuable time, Studio Designer empowers interior designers to focus on creative work while efficiently managing the business side of operations.

Interior Designers Use Studio Designer for:
  • Product Catalog

  • Clipping Tool from Websites

  • Building Proposals for Clients

  • Ordering

  • FFE Schedule

  • Direct to Reps

  • Invoicing and Time Billing

  • Tearsheets

  • Line Item for Approval

Studio Designer Stand-Out Features:

  • Extremely detailed accounting means that your reports are as accurate as possible, and that you know the margins for each project exactly, making it simple to allocate revenue into any category.

  • The software is based on items instead of documents such as proposals, invoices, etc., so it's easier to manipulate items without messing with a document.

  • Its client portal not only eliminates back-and-forth emails, but allows clients to make payments.

Dining nook with bench and custom built-in cabinets

If you're currently using a different software than Studio Designer in your business today, we recommend taking the transition one project at a time. Finish out existing projects in your current design management software, and start any new inquiries immediately in Studio Designer. While it may feel cumbersome to be logging into two softwares for a while, it will keep your accounting and project management so much cleaner.

Software tools offer a multitude of ways to enhance efficiency and keep your business running smoothly. From the moment a potential client submits an inquiry form to sending the final invoice, having a variety of software tools in your arsenal not only saves time, but plays a pivotal role in maximizing your productivity. Whether you're a solo-preneur or have a large team behind you, having a robust project management software behind your design studio essential for the seamless operation of your business. If you need help streamlining your processes or aren't sure where to start, feel free to reach out to us directly -- our account manager Quinn Casey specializes in software implementation and Studio Designer set up.

This post is proudly in collaboration with Studio Designer, a strategic sponsor of Design Camp.


Nora B. Patrick
Nora B. Patrick
4 days ago

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I'm an interior designer constantly juggling different software for various tasks. The idea of an all-in-one solution with accounting, Buckshot Roulette project management, and built-in product sourcing is amazing.


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