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The Whalen Website Template




Designed with a less-is-more approach, The Whalen website template for interior designers is at once modern and timeless. We’ve included a portfolio filter option so that your potential clients can browse your work by project or by room, and of course, all of our standard pages can be hidden until needed as your studio grows and changes. This drag-and-drop website template is created on Wix and must be used with a Wix account. 



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  • Extensive interactive tutorial library
  • Written + step-by-step video tutorials

  • Page-by-page copywriting guide

  • Google + Pinterest optimization guide

  • Four weeks live tech support from our team

  • Continued tech support from Wix

  • Private Facebook Community




IDCO grants to each template package purchaser a single-use license. This license applies to all templates purchased on the website as well as any Bonus Materials that are included in the package. This license means exactly as it sounds… you only get to use the template for one website, and the Bonus Materials are only intended to be used by one person (the purchaser). If you wish to use the template or Bonus Materials for additional purposes, you will have to purchase an additional template package from IDCO. This license is non-exclusive, meaning that other people will be able to purchase our template packages. However, we only offer our templates on a limited release basis. We will only sell each template to a maximum of 10 purchasers, allowing you to have a beautifully designed website at an affordable price, that is not just one in a sea of many. To be clear, you also cannot resell, lease, duplicate, license, sub-license, redistribute, or offer the template for free to any third party or marketplace.


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Once a purchase has been made, and the template package has been delivered to you, you will not be able to cancel your purchase, and no refunds will be issued by IDCO.


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