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Client Email Templates

Our copywriters thoughtfully crafted a collection of fill-in-the-blank emails (packaged neatly in a Google Document) for you to use + reference throughout the design process, from the initial inquiry to the final goodbye. With 62 time-saving templates, you will have thorough, professional, and on-brand language for every anticipated step and unexpected situation. These inbox-ready emails are a seamless and efficient way to establish an elevated client experience, with additional templates for communicating with vendors, contractors, local showrooms, publications, and potential hires.

Emails Included:

Thank you for your interest in working together.

Thank you for reaching out.

Following Up on Your Inquiry

Book your Discovery Call

Discovery Call Reminder

Your consultation is confirmed!

Design Consultation Reminder

Your Proposal is in progress.

Your Design Proposal

Your contract is ready to be signed.

Welcome to the [Studio Name] Family!

Instructions for Your Project Portal(s)

Homework Reminder

Your Welcome Guide

Your Trade Day is scheduled!

Your Upcoming Project Timeline

Your Concept Design Presentation is here!

Book Your Concept Design Presentation Meeting

Your Concept Design Meeting is confirmed.

Feedback Reminder

Your Revised Concept Design Presentation

Thank you for approving your Concept Design Presentation.

We are excited to work with you!

Your Weekly Update

Your Design Presentation is ready to view!

Schedule Your Design Presentation

Your Design Presentation Reminder

Thank you for your time.

Your feedback is important.

Your Design Presentation V2

It’s time to review selections in [software/portal].

Let’s schedule a check-in.

It’s time for the next phase!

Your Design Invoice for [Month]

Things are moving right along!

Site Visit Notes from [Date]

A Quick Update

Your Warehouse Invoice for [Month]

The countdown begins!

Welcome Home + What Comes Next

Our Final Update

We’d love to hear from you.

Invoice Reminder

Your project has been paused.

How We Source Furnishings

Discounts for Major Retailers

Our Policy on Sharing Vendor Invoices

Reporting an Issue with Order #[number]

An Update on Your Back-Ordered Items

Your Budget Update

Our studio may not be the best fit for your project.

Additional Work + New Contract

A Scheduling Update

Checking In with you.

Out of Office

Confirming Delivery Dates

We’d love to work with you.

We’d love to partner with you.

Our Recent Work

Your Official Offer Letter from [Studio Name]

Reaching out About Partnership Opportunities

Account Review


“I purchased my website template and it was worth every penny. It was a super easy set up and it looks so professional! I also purchased the service agreement and it is so detailed and thorough-I feel so much more confident now that I am protected and nothing is left to interpretation. Thank you ladies for all you do to help us get streamlined so we can scale!”


“I just purchased one of their bundles for the Investment Guide, Design Proposal, Design Presentation and Goodbye Packet. LOVE THEM ALL! Wish I had purchased them sooner - would have saved so much time. Everything is so well written with such a lovely tone. And the templates are so easy to customize. Thank you so much - money very well spent!”


“As a new designer, I was overwhelmed at creating every process for my business. IDCO Studio has been instrumental in helping me get everything set up. Their templates are not only beautiful, creative, and easy to use, but help create a cohesive look. Since they specialize in interior design, their templates are perfect for anyone in this business that is starting new or needs to refresh his/her materials.”


“I had a great experience working with IDCO on my branding and website. They were super professional, great at communication and worked to get the logo exactly what i wanted. I would highly recommend them.”

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