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All the Ways to Use Your Branding

In the ever-evolving world of interior design, where details matter most, your brand is the unsung hero, doing more than just looking good. It has the power to evoke your passion for design, your high level of experience, and shout volumes about your commitment to quality and a strategic vision for new and potential clients. Branding isn't just a one-shot deal—it's the thread weaving through every client interaction, from the first inquiry to the final goodbye.

We've already talked about why you need logo variations. Now, let's dive into the practical side, figuring out exactly when to showcase each one. Whether you've just received your first branding suite, had one for ages, or are interested in starting anew, think of this as your branding playbook, turning every touchpoint of your client experience into a seamless reflection of your design studio. 

Classic branding suite mockup with stationery, business cards and an ipad.

Customized Semi-Custom Brand

Primary Logo

The primary logo is the most complete and detailed logo variation. It can include the tagline, mark, hand-drawn elements, the studio location, or establishment date. Because it's the most complex, we prefer to use it primarily where there's ample space like your

  • Website Header

  • Letterhead

  • Design Presentations

  • Contracts

Secondary Logo

The secondary logo is a more compact version of the first, allowing client-facing materials to feel bespoke and tell a complete story. This simplified logo is perfect for your

  • Website Menu

  • Business Cards

Digital mockup of website, notecard, business cards, and website mobile version on gray background


The icon is the simplest, most concise form of a logo. A brand logo may include hand-picked typography selections or a small, hand-drawn element, and an icon typically focuses on one of these elements. This straightforward logo is excellent for more compact spaces, such as your

  • Website Footer

  • Notecards


The favicon is crafted for the specific purpose of being used in the URL bar next to your website address. It adds a professional touch and carries your branding imagery one step further. 

  • Website Browser Tab

Stationery flatlay on dark brown background including business card, stamps, envelopes

Alternate Mark

Alternate marks serve as an extension of the logo and come into play when the primary or secondary options aren't suitable or simply won't fit. An alternate mark could be a recurring hand-drawn element, an illustration, or your brand’s initials. These are the perfect addition to your 

  • Stationery Envelopes 

  • Social Graphics


The stamp is a frequently used alternate mark, usually presented as a circular version of your logo. If you wanted to bring your logo into the physical world, it can be used as the design for a custom rubber stamp. It can also be used digitally for 

  • Elevations 

  • Renderings


A brand monogram can be one of your alternate marks. Just as a person’s monogram contains their initials, so does a brand’s. It can used in the same way as other alternate marks and is a classic way to add your branding to your

  • Website Footer

  • Notecards


A hand-drawn signature adds that final personal touch to your brand suite, creating a unique and memorable impression. We suggest incorporating it into your  

  • Email Newsletter

  • Social Graphics

Stationery flatlay with patterned envelope and notecard with monogram on olive green background

Even if you don't have all of these variations, we hope you found this list helpful when it comes to knowing what to do with the logos and marks that you do have. Using the correct logo at the right time can help elevate your client experience and take your brand recognition to a whole new level.

We know that rebranding requires both time and effort - so if you’ve been wanting to update your brand but don’t have time for a lengthy process, our limited edition, entirely unique Semi-Custom Brands might be perfect for you. You'll receive an editorial quality brand that's ready in just 2 weeks. When you purchase one of our semi-custom brands, you receive so much more than a template. You will have access to our expert designers as we edit each package to represent your existing or ideal brand.


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