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The Best Instagram Content for Interior Designers

Social media trends ebb and flow, but Instagram remains the most important marketing tool for reaching potential clients and sharing new work. The highly visual nature of Instagram makes it a natural choice for designers, with endless opportunities to showcase projects using a combination of feed posts, stories, and reels in image or video format. Another key feature is the platform’s built-in discovery tools, including hashtags and location tagging. These two features enable designers to share content strategically and target specific audiences who are most likely to become clients.

It’s true that developing strategic Instagram content ideas requires staying ahead of the curve, especially with an ever-changing algorithm. But we really believe interior designers should take full advantage of this incredible (not to mention free) marketing platform.

Here are 12 strategic Instagram content ideas to incorporate into your social media strategy to convert followers into clients.


Generally speaking, the feed should be reserved for professional project images. Our rule of thumb is to treat the feed like a portfolio. Make sure your feed features a well-curated mix of full room, vignette, and detail shots. You’ll also want to plan out posts in advance, paying close attention to balanced color tones and lighting styles from one image to the next. Aim to post on the feed 3-4 times per week with these strategic Instagram content ideas:

Project Reveals

When new project photos hit your inbox, it’s easy to want to share every image straight away. But to get the most of your content, we recommend planning out your reveals, and telling a new story with each post. To start, you’ll want to showcase “the money shot” or the very best image from your project. Write out a really thoughtful caption, and make sure to tag the photographer, stylist, and any other major players.


Try using two images of the exact same location with a “swipe to see the before” call-to-action in the caption. Instagram’s carousel feature allows you to post more than one image (or video) to a feed post, making it the perfect opportunity to showcase “how it started” while keeping before images hidden off the main grid.


Social media has made it easier than ever to assert yourself as an expert in the field. One practical way is to use the strongest pull quotes from your blog content and share them on Instagram in a graphic. Another option is to quote a client’s glowing review, like this example from the IDCO Studio account.


Many interior design studios find lifestyle content to be a natural extension of their brand. Your online followers already admire the spaces you create and likely want to see your take on fashion, entertaining, travel, cooking, and gardening. To learn more, listen to our podcast episode with designer and lifestyle influencer Lauren Liess.

Personal Introductions

It’s always important to let your followers know who is behind the brand. Once a month, try including a feed post featuring you or your team member(s) and share a bit about who you are and why you’re passionate about this work. If headshots aren’t your thing, have a photographer capture some candid images on install day. Maybe it’s styling a bookshelf, fluffing a pillow, or walking through a kitchen. The point is to capture behind-the-scenes moments that feel true to your brand.


Stories are much more casual and don’t necessarily require the polish of a feed post. They’re the best place for behind-the-scenes peeks, in the office moments, progress photos, install shots, and more. Interior designers should be posting to stories 8-10 times per week, or roughly two stories per business day. Don't forget that thoughtfully reposting content you were tagged in also counts. If you make posting to stories a natural part of your daily workflow, we think you’ll find this cadence more than doable.


The majority of your followers have never worked with an interior designer. They want to see what the process is like, and you get to show them. Take them on site visits, capture your trip to a showroom, or snap a flat lay of the material selections for an upcoming project.

Ask Me Anything / FAQs

Sometimes showing your face on screen feels awkward, but if you’re willing to hop in front of the camera, it helps put a (literal) face to your brand. Instagram followers are curious by nature and want to know more about you just as much as they want to see your work.

Favorites Finds

You may be looking to diversify your revenue streams as a designer. One of the most effective ways is through affiliate programs like LTK and SideDoor. Not only does affiliate marketing help interior designers earn commissions from their design projects, but it allows them to monetize social media content. Pick a theme (our favorite brass hardware, for example) and create a round-up of stories using affiliate links to shop.

Styling Tips

As a general rule, we don’t advise giving out free design advice. But when you’re developing the essential know/like/trust factor with your Instagram audience, sharing some general styling tips can be a great tool. You can do this with your face on camera or by overlaying text on project images.


Creating video content on Instagram has become more important than ever before. We advise clients to incorporate reels as often as possible but try posting a reel once a week to start. Once you get the hang of things, reels are simple to create and give your audience an unparalleled 3D look into your work. Keep in mind that you can further boost your reels’ performance by utilizing stories and grid posts, too.

Home Tours

If you want to get the most out of a project reveal, it's time to capture it on video. Create a reel that takes your audience throughout the entire home, showcasing each room in a matter of seconds. For potential clients, it's the next best thing to seeing your work in person.

Photo Shoots

Capture all the accessories you bring for staging day and show what made the final cut and why. It's informational and gives some eye candy and inspiration. Here's a great example from Lindsey Brooke Design.

Studio Tours

Consider booking a videographer to follow your team at the studio for a day. This is a fun opportunity to show off your workspace, create some excellent content for reels, and bring personality to your brand.

All of the Above

Many of the content ideas we've shared work across feed posts, stories, and reels, so don't be afraid to think outside the box. Keep in mind that the best Instagram content strategy isn't a one-size-fits-all scenario. What works really well for one designer might not work for you, and that's ok. Consider your ideal clients and business goals to help shape your content that best suits those needs.

If you’re looking for professional assistance behind-the-scenes, our new social media packages showcase the best of your work, enrich your brand story, and convert followers into clients. Choose from the Instagram Grid, Stories, Reels, or Pinterest package – or bundle several of them together – and you’ll receive a one-time delivery of beautifully curated and branded content.⁣ We have a limited number of spots available for each package and can’t wait to help you get started.

Photography by Madeline Harper

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Brown Emma
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Hurley Kirk
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As an aspiring interior designer, I'm always looking for ways to elevate my social media presence and attract potential clients.

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