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How To: Update Your LTK Affiliate Shop

All of our IDCO templates come with an affiliate shop, perfect for featuring your curated LTK products and collections. Below are instructions for updating both your Shop feature on your homepage, as well as your affiliate shop!

Editing Your Shop Feature

The shop feature on your homepage is meant to feature just a few of your favorite products from that corresponding category.

In your RewardStyle account, head to Tools > Shop The Post. Select a few favorite products to feature, and then on the lefthand sidebar, customize your widget. We recommend 00px for the Widget Width and you can play with the image width you prefer (typically 150px or more)

When your widget is all set, scroll down and select Copy Code.

Back in your editor, select the product HTML block and click Edit Code. In the popup window, paste in your new code and click Update.



With the clean and beautifully laid out design of your template, we added an affiliate shop page so you can share all your favorite products with your followers.

You are able to add new products from RewardStyle and paste in your new HTML to update the shop pages.

If you're not familiar with RewardStyle, you can read our blog post here. If you already have a RewardStyle account follow the steps below to begin editing:

1. From RewardStyle, you'll want to compile all your products in individual folders. Then go to TOOLS in the menu > Boutique

2. You'll customize the size to 900 px in the left-hand column, 3 or 4 columns depending on your style preference, and select 'other' as your web platform.

3.. You can now copy and paste your code into your Wix shop page. From your Wix Editor click on the product grid > Select Edit Code > Paste in your new code from RewardStyle. Then click Update.

Rinse and repeat for each shop page with your corresponding category folders.

Note: Be sure to check desktop + mobile before publishing ( you may need to make the widget larger in height to showcase all your products).

You're all set! Remember you can always reach out to us at if you get stuck!


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