E-Design Service Agreement

E-Design Service Agreement

Over the past few years, virtual interior design, or e-design, services have become more and more popular. While much of this process is similar to traditional full-service interior design, the scope of the project is quite different. This Virtual Interior Design Service Agreement properly outlines the scope of work, sets communication boundaries, protects against scope of work changes, damages and more.


What's Covered:

Scope of Work

Change in Services

Service Fees

Payment Methods

Overdue Payments

Fee Disputes

Interior Items Expenses + Procurement

Delivery Estimates

Approvals + Revisions

Creative Discretion

Business Hours




Desing Plans

Intellectual Property


Non-solicitation + Non-Disparagement


Representation + Warranties

Limitation of Liability



Dispute Resolution

Force Majeure + MORE




This Virtual Interior Design Agreement is to be used where the interior designer is providing virtual design services, often referred to as e-design, and not providing in-person installment, styling, or contractor liaison services. You have the option to include virtual procurement services under this agreement (if you offer this service) or to leave all procurement to the client. The statement of work should be used to define the scope of services that you will provide to the client. Simply find the highlighted sections, fill in the blank, and copy and paste into your contract.


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