7 Business Goals for Interior Designers

We get it. With a full to-do list of daily items each week, it's easy to lose sight of your larger business goals. But intentionally setting aside time to assess what is working (and what isn't) in recent months is key for keeping business on track.

Outlining action items can be overwhelming, so we’ve broken it down into seven steps you can easily conquer one-by-one to keep moving forward. Better yet, you can tackle most of these checklist items TODAY. We’ll cover SEO, analytics, outsourcing, education, and everything you need to for a boost. Let’s get started!

Design: Katie Monkhouse | Photography: Bess Friday


If that sounds daunting, fear not, these are not our usual lengthy and in-depth tutorials. Here are three steps that you can conquer in less than three minutes each.


Update your website footer copyright to be current for the year. “Copyright 2022 – [insert business name here]. All rights reserved.” Don’t forget to hit save and publish.


Submit your updated website to Google for indexing. Google “crawls” websites to find content periodically but smaller websites aren’t crawled as frequently. You can ensure Google has your most current version of your website by clicking here.


Spend an hour updating your previous blog posts to cross-reference each other properly. For example, if you revealed a kitchen project in February of last year, go back and link to the other three kitchens you revealed later in the year. A simple paragraph at the end of a post such as “Looking for more inspo? Check out our Project Name, Project Name and Project Name for our latest kitchen designs.”

You can do the same in your portfolio projects! Include in a description links to similar projects your potential clients might be interested in seeing. These backlinks not only help your user experience, so you can guide your website visitors to finding the content they’re looking for and invite them to stick around.


If you’re on a roll and ready to improve your website’s visibility even further, follow these quick steps to drastically improve your SEO. Are you an interior designer or lifestyle brand? Click here to easily update your website portfolio.

Design: Katie Monkhouse | Photography: Bess Friday


If you’re looking to grow and scale your business, one of most strategic decisions you can make comes down to outsourcing. At the IDCO Studio, our team grew by leaps and bounds recently, and it’s because we fully believe in outsourcing as much as possible! The hiring process can feel so overwhelming, especially for a solo-preneur, but when you hand off tasks that aren’t your magical sweet spot gift, your business will thrive. Hire an expert and they’ll get it done in a fraction of the time it takes you (and better!) while you focus on the parts of your business that you know and love. A few items you might not have thought to outsource are things like renderings + elevations, receiving orders (which should be billed back to your clients anyway!), press pitching, and bookkeeping. Side note: we actually wrote an entire post on why you should outsource bookkeeping with a special code to try our platform of choice with your first month free.