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Why Hire a Photo Shoot Stylist?

Professional photography of your design work is the most important investment you can make into your business. It should always be in your design studio’s annual marketing budget. The same is true of videography, which is becoming an increasingly important medium for social media content. Hiring a photographer or videographer who specializes in shooting interiors is key. Still, when you’re tackling large-scale projects, it’s also worth considering a photo shoot stylist for your day-of team. Learn more about the role of a photo shoot stylist and how their expertise can drastically streamline your shoot experience.

Black shiplap walls for a moody dining room design

Outsource All Planning + Logistics

An interior stylist oversees all the moving parts of your shoot day and handles the logistics leading up. They are experts at ensuring each room translates beautifully on camera and know exactly how to make your work look its best. At IDCO Studio + The Identité Collective, we are lucky enough to have a dedicated photo shoot stylist (shoutout to Leigh!) who creates detailed call sheets for each upcoming shoot.

The call sheet includes key information like when and where the shoot takes place and a must-have shot list in order. It should also include a shopping list and packing list to ensure nothing is forgotten. If someone will be photographed, the call sheet will include a note so they can dress accordingly. Once your photo shoot stylist has put together the call sheet, the document can be emailed to everyone in advance.

While photo shoot styling can be an incredibly fun part of the job as a designer, there’s much more involved than meets the eye. As a business owner, it’s always important to assess how your time and energy are best spent, which sometimes means delegating. If your time is limited and your project shoots are complex, having a photo shoot stylist by your side can be incredibly valuable.

Modern white sherpa chair in bedroom by Leclair Decor

Streamline Communication Among Your Team

The best part of hiring a dedicated photo shoot stylist is having one person oversee the shoot details from start to finish. They act as your liaison between the photographer and videographer, ensuring everyone is on the same page from day one. When you’re shooting an entire home over several days, it really pays to have an expert who understands how to keep the shoot running on time and on budget. Photographers are often paid by the hour, so a stylist can actually save your business money by keeping everything on track. They’ll also know how to communicate your vision to the photographer and videographer, allowing you extra time to step in front of the camera and score some additional social media content if you choose.

Ensure No Detail Does Unnoticed

Designers have enough to worry about on shoot days, and managing props or making a last-minute trip to the flower market doesn’t have to be one of them. A photo shoot stylist will come prepared with everything on your call sheet, plus more options to switch things up if need be. When shooting interiors, they’ll bring books, candles, throw blankets, small accessories, plus lots of options for florals, greenery, and branches. They’ll also have all the little items like tape, zip ties, scissors, command hooks, and sheers. Their trained eye will also help ensure each space looks great on camera. Sometimes what looks right in real life doesn't always translate well to photo or video. A stylist will be able to make a space look its best, whether that involves moving around furniture or adding a few props to the scene.

Modern Thanksgiving floral centerpiece

Now here's the big question: Where do you find a photo shoot stylist? If you're not already connected to someone in your local area, start by asking your photographer or videographer if they can recommend a stylist they've worked with on previous shoots. You can also ask for suggestions from your fellow local designers, either online or off. Many designers are happy to share a referral to help take the stress out of shoot day. It's common to hire a photo shoot stylist as an independent contractor—just make sure you have the right paperwork in place before getting started.

Design: by The Identite Collective, Photography by Madeline Harper


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