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10 Interior Designer Content Ideas

It takes practice to hone your skills on social media. And just when you have a good strategy in place, the ever-changing algorithm becomes a moving target. A lot of things have changed over the years on Instagram and Pinterest, but one truth remains the same: creating high-quality content that converts is never a wasted effort. Social media is arguably the most important extension of your brand, and every post is an opportunity to tell your own story.

If you’re looking for organic ways to reach your dream clients, we’re sharing ten visually-driven ideas to set your content plans in motion. We’ve also recently launched new social media packages at IDCO Studio if outsourcing is a better fit for this season in your business. No matter which route, staying ahead of the social media curve is all about learning to innovate with content that converts followers into paying clients.

An Interior Designer's Guide to

Visual Content that Converts

Portfolio Images

Sharing professionally photographed images of your recent work is one of the best marketing tools on social media. But first, remember to get organized and post images strategically rather than in a rushed photo dump.

Styled Shoots

Many interior design studios find lifestyle content to be a natural extension of their brand. Your online followers already admire the spaces you create and likely want to see your take on fashion, entertaining, cooking, gardening, and more. Here’s how to get started.

Shoppable Products via Affiliates

You may be looking to diversify your revenue streams as a designer. One of the most effective ways is through affiliate programs like LTK and Sidedoor. Not only does affiliate marketing help interior designers earn commissions from the products in their projects, but it allows designers to monetize their social media content with ease.

Headshots + Candid Action Shots

Headshots don’t have to feel cheesy. Instead, have your photographer capture some images of you in your element. Maybe it’s styling a bookshelf, fluffing a pillow, or walking through a kitchen. The point is to capture behind-the-scenes moments that feel true to your brand.

Office or Studio Tours

Similarly, consider booking a photographer or videographer to follow your team at the studio for a day. This is a fun opportunity to show off your workspace and create some excellent content for social. You can use these images for educational blog posts, Instagram Reel studio tours, and more.

Flat Lays of Design Selections

Beautiful flat lay images are always a fan favorite. They also allow you to showcase upcoming projects without spoiling too much in the process.

Quotes or Graphics

Social media has made it easier than ever to assert yourself as an expert in the field. One practical way is to use the strongest pull quotes from your blog content and share them on Instagram or Pinterest. Another option is to quote a previous client’s glowing review, like this example from the IDCO Studio account.

Before + Afters

There’s nothing more effective than a great before and after. Try using still images with a “swipe to see the before” CTA or put together an Instagram Reel for even more reach.

Designer or Artist Spotlight

Do you work with small artisans to source handmade pieces for your projects? Showcase them within your social media content! Potential clients love to see what sets your work apart, and it’s also a great way to lift up others within the industry.

Blog Post Illustrations

Creating graphics to publish on social media is content gold—especially on Pinterest. For example, round up your studio’s favorite paint colors and make a coordinating illustration that helps drive traffic back to your content.

Introducing Our New Social Media Packages

If you’re looking for professional assistance behind-the-scenes, our new social media packages showcase the best of your work, enrich your brand story, and convert followers into clients. Choose from the Instagram Grid, Stories, Reels, or Pinterest package – or bundle several of them together – and you’ll receive a one-time delivery of beautifully curated and branded content.⁣ We have a limited number of spots available for each package and can’t wait to help you get started.


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Dimitri Pollich
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