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Designer for a Day: How This Service Can Benefit Your Business

Diversifying the revenue streams of your interior design studio is one of the best ways to safeguard for seasons of economic uncertainty. Among the many strategies we've seen emerge, the recent rise in Designer for a Day service offerings has been a noticeable shift. Designer for a Day services typically include a consultation and, as the name suggests, interior design services for a single workday. Some studios offer this service to clients in-person, while others provide it virtually. Either way, the common denominator is capturing a broader market of clients while maintaining the integrity of your brand.

An Overview of Designer for a Day Services

For the designer looking for a sustainable option to capture smaller projects, adding Designer for a Day to your service offerings may be the answer. This consultation-based design service can take place in-person at your studio or shop, at the client’s project site, or virtually! Think of it as a single day where you provide resources, vendor recommendations, and ideas while answering questions – but there’s no project management or rounds of revisions afterward.

Many interior designers have asked us for resources to help offer this service to their clients, especially in times of slower full-service inquiries. We partnered with one of our most trusted industry friends, Katie Monkhouse, to create a comprehensive Designer for a Day package, and we're so thrilled to break down everything it entails. Expanded service offerings don't have to dilute your brand, and we're thrilled to make Designer for a Day accessible for everyone.

What's Included in Our Designer for a Day Package

If you've identified that Designer for a Day service offerings could be a beneficial revenue stream for your business, the next step is putting processes in place. You'll need to determine how to make this service an effective (and lucrative) use of your time in a way that best fits your weekly workflow.

Along with Katie Monkhouse, we decided to streamline that process with an entirely done-for-you business bundle, providing everything necessary to launch. Here's what's included:

Email Templates

11 professionally copy-written emails that walk your client through the entire process.

Design Questionnaire

Branded Canva Templates

Add Designer for a Day to your business today

When offering Designer for a Day, the potential add-ons are endless. 3D renderings, project site visits, shopping sessions, and access to trade-only merchandise are just a few ways you can expand upon this service. And best care scenario? Your Designer for a Day session evolves into a full-service client in the future.

Find our Designer for a Day package here in the shop.

Photography by Madeline Harper

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Nicholson Percy
Nicholson Percy
25 de abr.

If you're a designer seeking a sustainable doodle jump way to take on smaller projects, Designer for a Day could be just what you need.

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