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Virtual design has become a lucrative additional revenue stream for innovative designers around the world. Our tools ensure your virtual design service is just as polished and professional as any in-person project. Remember, your scope-of-work and client expectations may differ from full service to distance design and you'll want a contract that reflects that.

Virtual Design Tools


“I purchased my website template and it was worth every penny. It was a super easy set up and it looks so professional! I also purchased the service agreement and it is so detailed and thorough-I feel so much more confident now that I am protected and nothing is left to interpretation. Thank you ladies for all you do to help us get streamlined so we can scale!”


“I just purchased one of their bundles for the Investment Guide, Design Proposal, Design Presentation and Goodbye Packet. LOVE THEM ALL! Wish I had purchased them sooner - would have saved so much time. Everything is so well written with such a lovely tone. And the templates are so easy to customize. Thank you so much - money very well spent!”


“As a new designer, I was overwhelmed at creating every process for my business. IDCO Studio has been instrumental in helping me get everything set up. Their templates are not only beautiful, creative, and easy to use, but help create a cohesive look. Since they specialize in interior design, their templates are perfect for anyone in this business that is starting new or needs to refresh his/her materials.”


“I had a great experience working with IDCO on my branding and website. They were super professional, great at communication and worked to get the logo exactly what i wanted. I would highly recommend them.”

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