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How Email Templates Mean a More Productive Workday

You’re sitting at your desk, browsing your inbox and a feeling of workload overwhelm washes over. You’ve got dozens of client messages competing for your attention, not to mention a handful of client inquiries just waiting for a response. You set out to tackle your inbox, and suddenly half the day is gone.

We’ve ALL been in this scenario, and after talking to designers about what drains their time the most, email was the unanimous answer. According to the Harvard Business Review, emails consume 28% of our workday—that’s over one-fourth of our working hours! No one has that kind of time to spend, especially as a small business. That’s why we created our Client Email Templates custom written for interior designers.

Client Email Templates by IDCO Studio

Design: Design Shop Interiors | Photography: Nicole Dianne


As we began dreaming up new IDCO Studio product launches, we wanted to create tools to help streamline designers’ daily workflow. More than just productivity hacks, but actual tools that offload hours of work and become essential components in your business. Ready for the task, our incredible in-house copywriters crafted 28 fill-in-the-blank emails (packaged neatly in a Google Document) for you to use + reference in every step of the design process. We’re talking EVERY part of the process, from the initial inquiry to the final goodbye. These inbox-ready emails are a significant step toward a seamless and efficient experience for both you and your clients.

When it comes time to tackle those unanswered emails, it’s as simple as copying/pasting the appropriate email, filling in the blank, and sending! No more staring at a blank cursor or searching for the right words. As they say, time is money, and you deserve to spend more of your time doing what you do best.

Client Email Templates by IDCO Studio


  • Thank you for your interest in working together

  • Not a Good Fit

  • Book Your Discovery Call

  • Are you as excited as we are?

  • Your Consultation is Confirmed

  • Design Consultation Reminder

  • Your Proposal is in Progress

  • Your Design Proposal

  • Welcome to the [business name] family!

  • Homework Reminder

  • Your Welcome Guide

  • Your Weekly Update

  • Your Design Presentation is Ready to View!

  • Schedule Your Design Presentation

  • Your Design Presentation Reminder

  • Thank you for your time

  • Your Design Presentation V2

  • Your Design Invoice for [Month]

  • Things are moving right along!

  • A Quick Update

  • The Countdown Begins!

  • Welcome Home + What Comes Next

  • Our Final Update

  • Invoice Reminder

  • Additional Work + New Contract

  • Your Feedback is Important

  • A Scheduling Update

  • Out of Office


Q: Are the emails just outlined or completely written out?

A: The emails are entirely scripted, but you’ll want to carefully read each one and edit to fit your business model.

Q: What if my client process is different than what is laid out?

A: You can easily reorder the email sequence to what fits your client needs.

Q: Are these email newsletters?

A: No. These emails are meant to be sent directly to your clients from your email to guide them through the full interior design project.

Client Email Templates by IDCO Studio

Design: Katie Hodges Design | Photography: Jenna Peffley

Streamlining your communication process has never been easier, and we’re so excited to hear how these Client Email Templates improve your daily workflow. Whether you’re leading a large team or operating as a solo-preneur, productivity is a critical aspect of running a successful business, and templates are the answer. Have a question about our Client Emails or any of our other Client Process Bundles? Leave us a comment and let’s get started making your workday easier and more efficient.


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