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Trailer: Welcome to The Interior Collective

The Interior Collective is a podcast for the business of beautiful living presented by IDCO Studio and hosted by Anastasia Casey.

The word is finally out y'all: we started a podcast! After years of discussing business strategy here on the blog, hosting countless sessions of Design Camp, and partnering with more than a thousand designers across genres and skill levels at IDCO Studio, we knew this was our natural next step.

At its core, The Interior Collective is a podcast for the business of beautiful living. Each week I'll host interior designers and industry tastemakers for transparent conversations about the practical realities of running a creative business. As always, the advice will be actionable, educational, and sincere while we delve into topics like client processes, sustainability, revenue streams, and hiring. We've nearly wrapped recording with our season one guests, and I can promise you it's going to be so unbelievably good. Episodes will drop weekly starting Friday, May 20th, but you can listen to the official podcast trailer for a sneak peek.


Why We Started a Podcast

In full transparency, I wasn’t always on board with the idea of hosting a podcast. For starters, I don’t love hearing the sound of my own voice. And, unlike the typical commuter, I could never find the extra time to listen to shows regularly. Funny enough, once I began consistently driving the 3.5 hours to and from the lake house, I suddenly had tons of time to fill, and podcasts became the answer.

Over time, I realized that a podcast would allow us to make the knowledge we share at Design Camp so much more accessible and could be such a meaningful extension of our studio. Our Creative Director, Riley Campbell, was one of the driving forces behind launching The Interior Collective, and here’s how she put it:

“With a business focused solely on supporting and empowering interior designers, we’re kind of bursting at the seams with industry-related knowledge. We want to continue building a community of designers that support each other and host discussions where no topic is off-limits. One thing we’ve consistently championed is community over competition, and The Interior Collective podcast is just another level of putting that into practice.”

LISTEN + SUBSCRIBE: Spotify | Apple Podcasts

Season 1 Guests

I'll host conversations with leading interior designers + industry tastemakers, including:

Marie Flanigan: Growing Your Team to Manage Design + Procurement

Kelli Lamb: Editor at Rue Magazine: Getting Your Work Published in Print and Online

Clara Jung: Client Experience Quality During Team Growth

Shea McGee: The Power of Delegation as an Interior Design

Gail Davis: Redefining Traditional Style

Lauren Leiss: Expanding from Designer to Lifestyle Brand

Anastasia Casey: Perfecting Your Client Process

Blair Moore: Creating Boutique Rental Revenue with Authenticity

Lindsey Borchard: Pricing as an Interior Designer

Jake Arnold: Inside The Expert E-Commerce Launch

Beth Smith: Transitioning from Side Gig to Full Time Interior Designer

Amber Lewis: Defining a Signature Style + Attracting The Clients that Want It

Through each one of these conversations, you can expect to learn about the practical realities of running a creative business. We want this podcast to be an accessible, experience-based resource, no matter where you are in our business journey. There are no secrets here—only lessons we are happy to pay forward.

LISTEN + SUBSCRIBE: Spotify | Apple Podcasts

How + Where to Listen

Season one will launch on May 20th, 2022 with new episodes dropping every Friday. You can listen to The Interior Collective on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or wherever you get your podcasts. I can't wait for you to join us!


Design by IDCO Studio, Photography by Madeline Harper


If you're looking forward to The Interior Collective podcast launch, we’d be so appreciative if you'd take a moment to share, subscribe, and leave us a review. Ratings help us reach a wider audience as we provide insight and inspiration to the design community. Your support truly means the world.

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Welcome to The Interior Collective! Step into a world where every detail speaks luxury and comfort, just like stepping into your dream vacation rental. Explore our trailer to discover how we transform spaces into havens, inviting you to experience the ultimate in relaxation and style.

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