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Branding and Web Design Process

At IDCO Studio, our passion is developing sophisticated, refined interior design brands and expertly curated websites for them to inhabit. Our clients are some of the most creative and influential forces in their industry and we are thrilled to be in their company.

A well-executed brand and accompanying website is the ultimate investment. We channel our time, expertise, and resources into every project to give each business the foundation and identity it deserves.

After launching over 30 websites in the last few years and another 50 brand identities, we’ve worked diligently to refine our branding and web design process. From the initial client on boarding to the final website deliverables, every step has been carefully crafted to streamline the design process. Each phase plays an integral role in the final branding and web design.

Over the past few years we’ve been able to pinpoint the exact questions we need to understand your branding goals, your target audience, what will appeal to your target audience as well as your personal brand vision. Additionally, together with our copywriter, we’ve drafted a complete workbook to guide you through the content of your website. A client recently told us, “After completing my project homework, you helped me understand my business better than I ever had before.”

If you are curious about what all that entails and just exactly what our branding and web design process is, here’s how it works:

Brand Identity

A brand is made up of every communication a business has with the outside world, both tangible and abstract. It’s every recognizable aspect from tone and textures to color palette and marketing collateral. Our branding suite is comprehensive—no detail is left unattended. We assemble all of these elements to create aesthetic experiences that exemplify the client’s values and resonate with its audience. It includes the following:

Primary Logo

The primary logo is the introduction to a brand. We design each one to be unique and authentic to that particular client. It serves as your signature mark, that clients immediately associate with your work. Your primary logo will likely include your custom tagline we craft along with our copywriters.

Secondary Logo

A full branding suite should incorporate variations of your primary logo. The secondary logo is typically an alternate layout, to allow for various placements when the primary logo isn’t the best fit. These alternative logos can be incorporated in a myriad of ways online and in print collateral.

Alternate Mark

This symbol is meant to be an extension of the logo to be used when the full logo might not be appropriate. One of our signature design elements here at IDCO, we often like to use the alternate mark as a way to showcase your brand tagline in a unique way.

Brand Icon

This is the most simple, streamlined and minimal part of your logo suite. Your brand icon will often act as your social media profile image and be used in secondary placements in areas like footers, side bars or envelopes.


An optional design element, we like to include a bespoke monogram for our interior design clients to showcase their personal name.


This is the handy little symbol that pops up next to websites on your URL bar. A good brand designer should always provide one, to ensure your website is branded completely – from top to bottom.

Color Palette

We choose exact hues so that everything—your website, icons, collateral, even packing material—is consistent and on-brand. You’ll be provided with your brand color palette in all applicable color formats: RGB (for digital design), CMYK (for print), HEX (for web design) and Pantone (for letterpress + product.

Brand Pattern or Textures

A brand pattern is useful to have on hand to add some interest. Many of our brand patterns are personally drawn by hand. At IDCO, we work to use custom textures similar to textiles used by our interior designers to create our signature organic, layered, look.

Decorative Elements

Some projects call for additional decorative elements. Think hand drawn floral elements, hand written blog titles, geometric icons, etc.

Typography Selection

Typography is so important for conveying tone and promoting brand recognition. You’ll be provided with a custom font selection and type hierarchy chart, so you know exactly when to use what.

Brand Identity Guidelines

We assemble a custom handbook for each client. It displays and explains each element of your branding suite and exactly when and where to use them. Our Brand Identity Guidelines documents include sample social media graphic layouts, typography instructions, all of your color codes, layout suggestions and more. This helps to stay within your unique aesthetic and maintain brand consistency.


Content often takes a backseat to design, but the two are meant to work hand-in-hand. Web copy needs to be flawlessly written, on-brand, and SEO-friendly. It’s the only pitch that many potential clients will read. All of our branding and web design clients receive professional copywriting services in their package. Here is what is included:

Professional Copywriting For Up To 5 Pages

Our copywriter collaborates with our clients via an extremely thorough questionnaire. We incorporate our industry expertise to construct a brand story that resonates with the ideal customer

SEO Optimization

Making our copy searchable is always a top priority. We research industry buzzwords and search engine trends to make our sites as visible as possible.

Brand Voice Guide

Our brand voice guide is a supplement to the brand identity guide. We arm our clients with tips and best practices for enhancing their brand identity through communication.

Custom Web Design

A website is often the first touchstone between a designer and a client. We always say that a good site should be two parts design, one part strategy, and one part magic. Minimal, layered, textural design isn’t limited to physical spaces. We’re constantly working to provide our clients with beautiful web design that transcends two dimensions. Because we partner exclusively with lifestyle creatives and interior designers, our primary job is to create a space that can house and complement their best work. This includes:

Up to Ten Custom Designed Pages

In-House Web Development

Custom Digital Portfolio Pages

Custom Mobile Design + Optimization

Custom Website Development

No templates here. We develop all of our sites by hand. We design every single page from scratch so that it looks and functions the way the client needs and desires. We believe web design should be a one-time investment, so we create sites that are timeless and easy to maintain with our custom video tutorials.

Mobile Optimization

If a potential client is visiting a site, odds are they are on their phone. Each page of our sites is designed to translate beautifully to mobile browsers.

SEO Integration

What good is a site if no one can find it? We integrate tags and copy that improve search engine rankings, ultimately garnering more traffic for our clients.

Website Management Tutorial Series

Once the site is launched, we provide our clients with custom video tutorials that equip them to maintain their site from that point forward.

Two Weeks Post-Launch Tech Support

Our clients’ success is our top priority. We hang around for two weeks after the initial launch to answer questions, work out any bugs, and make sure the site is everything they dreamed.

Additional Creative Services

No two clients are the same, so we offer the following services a la carte, available as add-ons to any package:

Photoshoot Art Direction

Product Photography + Styling

Print Collateral

Digital Collateral

If it sounds like a lot, that’s because it is. A brand is comprised of small, but significant details. At IDCO, not a single one goes unpolished. We understand that each business has different needs, so we have crafted a comprehensive package which allows additional elements to be added on.

Our branding and web design package starts at $10,730. If you’re interested in a more a la carte option, we offer branding services for $3,400 and our Website Templates for interior designers are an affordable alternative to custom web design. To help serve our clients best, we break our packages into five payments. Read more about each of our branding and web design service offerings - the entire branding and web design process takes twelve weeks, with approximately five hours of “pre-project” homework beforehand. Each phase of the project includes two rounds of revisions to ensure every step of the process results in premium satisfaction.

To learn more about what we offer, submit an inquiry here.


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