Defining Your Company Culture

You got into this industry based on your passion for design, but managing employees might not be your strong suit. It's a common sentiment we hear from designers who want to grow their team yet feel overwhelmed stepping into roles of management and HR.

The art of delegation, team communication, and the cultivation of a safe, inclusive company culture are necessary growing pains of any business, but you're not in it alone. Learn how to successfully manage a team with a new resource we've created to streamline the process.

The best way to become a good manager is by making good hires. Once you hire the right people who understand your vision, trust them to do the job. And as with any industry—creative or otherwise—communication is key. We can't overemphasize the importance of transparency and giving your employees the tools they need to succeed. Materials like a studio handbook or an onboarding guide help establish expectations from day one and ensure nothing is left unanswered. When your employees feel well-supported, it benefits everyone—clients included.

Introducing: The HR Package

We understand that establishing a comprehensive HR strategy can be daunting. Our new HR Bundle is the ultimate guide to establish your hiring process, expand your team, and form a safe, supportive work environment that cultivates creativity.

Here's what's included:

  • Studio Handbook

  • Job Descriptions & Responsibilities

  • New Hire Checklist

  • Onboarding Buddy Checklist

  • Onboarding Internal Checklist

  • Employee Onboarding Guide

  • Employee Review Template

Q: Who is the HR Package for?

A: The HR Package is perfect for interior designers that are starting their hiring process or expanding their team.