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FAQ: Web Designer or Developer

Many businesses like ours fall into one of two categories—web designer or web developer. Typically, you use the word “developer” for someone who writes code that creates websites, usually working from a PDF design created by someone else. “Designers” lean more in the aesthetic direction and often sketch out their vision for a site and then outsource the building to a developer.

IDCO branding and web design client, Ashley Montgomery Design

We have been asked many times which category IDCO falls into, and the answer is both web design and development. We design and build every custom website entirely in-house, from the ground up. We feel it’s super important for us to have a hand in both sides of the process so that we understand capabilities and can personally ensure that no detail is left out. If you’re thinking we sound like control freaks, you’re not wrong. When it comes to crafting a website that represent our clients’ livelihoods, a certain level of perfectionism is not only warranted, it’s an obsession.

The platforms we work with are a major reason we are able to fulfill the roles of both developer and designer. There was a time when creating a traditionally coded website was required , but online front-end editors like Wix, Showit5, and Squarespace have eliminated that need in most cases.

IDCO branding and web design client, The Layered House

We especially enjoy working with Wix for its fully customizable format, easy maintenance, and intuitive apps. Your business deserves more than a template, and Wix gives us a blank slate to create a website that is unlike anyone else’s. In the last few years, we have switched most of our clients over to Wix sites and haven’t looked back. We believe it is the best website platform for small businesses hands-down.

So, your next question might be: how does it benefit me as a client that the development and design are done under one roof?

Lower Up-Front Costs

The first and most obvious benefit is the up-front cost. We invest the time and effort into staying up-to-date on best practices and the latest tech so that we don’t have to justify outsourcing tasks by charging more money. When you hire IDCO, you are paying for our expertise, not our delegation.

Simple User Interface

Second and equally as important is long-term ease of use. Because of the way our sites are developed in our chosen platforms, maintenance and updates are easy—like so easy you will make them yourself, at your convenience. We not only use the most client-friendly platforms, but we also set you up with tutorial videos that show you how to make small changes and blog, but how to administrative tasks like invoicing, appointments, and bookings.

IDCO branding and web design client, Lexi Westergard

One Time Investment

Third and most importantly, our websites are a one-time investment. No design retainer fees or payments to a developer for maintaining your site. You are in full control and are capable of adjusting your site to grow with your brand. At the completion of your project, we provide you with a series of custom video tutorials walking you through how to update, edit and maintain your site. Of course, we are always here to help, but the truth is that you just won’t need us. Your time and money can be spent on your growing your business instead. Your site, painstakingly crafted by us and lovingly maintained by you, will function beautifully for years and our timeless design aesthetic means it won’t go out of style, either.

If you’ve ever wondered what exactly we do here at IDCO, I hope this post helps answer some of your questions. Our inboxes are always open for inquiries about our process. If you’re itching to learn more about Wix and why we sing its praises, here are the reasons why Wix is the best platform for small businesses.


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