Our Favorite Website Platform for Interior Designers

Here at IDCO Studio, we try not to play favorites. But when it comes to web design, we’ve decided Wix is the best website platform for interior designers, hands-down. As an agency specializing in creative marketing services, we’ve launched hundreds of websites and have built out our designs on Squarespace, Showit, Shopify and WordPress. While each platform has its benefits, Wix wins out every time. Using Wix, our clients have full control of their sites, aren’t limited to templates, and can run all their invoicing, appointments and bookings through the platform.

Maybe you’ve never heard of Wix, or you feel uneasy about leaving your current set-up, but we’re ready to convince you otherwise. We’re outlining 10 reasons why Wix is the best website platform for interior designers, plus sharing insight from a recent client who made the switch.

Photography: Madeline Harper for IDCO Studio

10 Reasons Wix is our Favorite

Website Platform for Interior Designers

1. You aren't limited to a template.

First, we love that Wix never limits you to using a template. Your website can be as custom as you can imagine. With other website platforms, you are often confined to customizing a theme or template. Even in Squarespace, everything has to fit within a grid of squares. Extensive developer experience is required to make custom changes to WordPress themes, and custom CSS is needed to modify Squarespace templates.

In Wix, you have the freedom to start from a customizable Wix template, or from a clean slate. Elements can be easily layered over each other. Animations and hover elements instantly elevate the design above anything Squarespace or Showit offers. If you’re hiring a web designer, you’ll be getting the highest level of custom design possible.

2. No coding required for updates.

Unlike WordPress or Squarespace, you don’t need complicated coding skills to customize your new website design in Wix. Using an entirely visual platform, making edits in Wix is as simple as using Adobe InDesign, Microsoft Publisher or even Microsoft Word. There’s also no coding required to make design or content changes.

This leaves interior designers in full control of their site once it launches. Have a portfolio project you’d like to feature? Simply add it to your gallery page. Has your pricing structure changed? Simply log in and make the change to your services page.

3. Wix runs on HTML 5.

A common misconception about Wix is that it runs on Flash, and won’t perform well in Google. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth! Wix converted to a full HTML editor years ago. Therefore, it performs just as well (more on that later) in Google search engine results as other web platforms.

If you’ve read an article that Wix runs on Flash and won’t rank on Google, it’s outdated, or the author hasn’t done their research.

4. User-friendly feedback capabilities.

As a creative agency for interior designers, providing our clients a fully functioning preview of their website is key. Even better, Wix lets clients provide feedback directly on their site by adding sticky notes to the areas that require changes. Both desktop and mobile versions are visible at the link we provide our clients for review. As we make the changes, we’re able to check off the revision requests while Wix keeps a written record.

Lexi Parker, our Creative Director said, “My clients ALWAYS enjoy the feedback section. It’s easier on them instead of writing a long email for everything they want to address and it keeps clear communication throughout the process.”

5. Extensive SEO guidance.