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What to Expect at Design Camp: Fall 2022

The fall session of Design Camp is nearly here, and we’re so thrilled to be hosting everyone right here in Austin, Texas. We’ll be calling The Austin Proper home for the next few days, and we cannot wait for you all to experience this stunning property. Think liveable luxury with a Southwestern twist and, of course, all the devastatingly cool design moments you’d expect from Kelly Wearstler.

As we put our final plans in motion, we hope to create a week you’ll always remember, with people you’ll never forget. That's what Design Camp is all about. Read on for the schedule of events, a handy packing list, and all the software we'll be covering if you'd like a head start.



2:30 | Event Registration

3:00 | Hotel Check-In at The Austin Proper

3:00 | Small Group Introductions

4:30 | Welcome Session with Lindsey Borchard & Anastasia Casey

5:00 | Keynote with Clara Jung

7:00 | Happy Hour, presented by Emtek

7:45 | Welcome Dinner with Clara Jung, presented by Emtek


8:00 | Breakfast, presented by Evehem

9:15 | Keynote with Lindsey Borchard & Anastasia Casey

10:45 | Small Group Sessions 1 & 2

1:30 | Lunch

2:45 | Small Group Session 3

4:45 | Keynote with Shea McGee

7:00 | Happy Hour, presented by McGee & Co.

7:45 | Dinner with Shea McGee, presented by McGee & Co.


8:00 | Breakfast

9:15 | Keynote with Lindsey Borchard & Anastasia Casey

10:45 | Small Group Sessions 4 & 5

1:30 | Lunch

4:45 | Keynote with Marie Flanigan

6:30 | Shuttle Pickup

7:00 | Dinner with Marie Flanigan, presented by Four Hands

9:40 | Return Shuttle to The Austin Proper


9:00 | Farewell Brunch

9:30 | Closing Session with Lindsey Borchard & Anastasia Casey

9:45 | Guided Implementation Time

11:30 | Farewell

12:00 | Hotel Check-Out


This Fall 2022 session of Design Camp Austin will take place primarily indoors at The Austin Proper hotel. With two seated dinners on-site and one seated offsite dinner, you can pack accordingly:

Business Casual Attire for Daily Sessions

3 Relaxed Cocktail Outfits for Dinners

1 Light Sweater (just in case)

Business Cards

Laptop + Charger

Phone Charger

Reusable Water Bottle


Office + Organization

Design + Presentations


We are eternally grateful to our sponsors who helped make Design Camp Austin happen. You’ll be learning more about why we love each one these brands, but in the meantime, we’d encourage you to have a closer look at their websites and offerings.

Come ready to feel empowered, inspired, and well-prepared to reach your business goals in a welcoming environment with likeminded peers. We cannot wait to meet you and show you what makes Design Camp (and our hometown!) so special. See you in Austin!

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